Monday, June 9, 2008

Dinner at J&K house

We had the best dinner tonight we had chicken courdon blue and cheesy potatoes and it was so fun. Kristin is such a great cook. She also made almond roca bars, and churro's. Wow lots of calories too bad. It was great. Lacey wanted her hair cut shorter than it was. Kate showed us how she does it. It did turn out alot shorter, and so cute. It is like a Dorothy Hamil cut. She got tired of holding still and so she had some tough moments, but all in all she did great.

Yesterday Kelly and I went to the garden tours, I helped them on Friday and then my sister Cathy helped sit out the house last night. We sat at this family's house that live off Columbia Lane in that new beautiful large development with at huge house and yard with the funnest back yard, and their business partner lives around the corner with a Hawaiian back yard and pool and slide a thing with a waterfall and mountain, that looks like Disneyland. They were so nice and friendly and it was so of my favorite yards. One other one I loved in Springville with an elderly lady that works like 5 hrs a day in her yard and she has paths and patios and rock walls, it is a house that is over 100 years old. They had improved parts of the house and yard so much. It was fun but kinda took too much time away from our yard work.

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Kristy said...

We have the Wii too. We love it. You guys are cute!! love ya, miss ya!!