Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Grand-Baby! Joseph Harrison Peterson

The proud parents

The celebration! (Thanks to Darik for the beers, root beers that is)

The first time Lacey Lydia and Luke were seeing their baby brother

Aunt Amanda

The proud and happy Nana

Uncle Darik

Thursday, October 16, 2008

fun times hanging around movie locations

The last two weeks, I have had fun being with Kelly more with his work, We got to go to Moab for two days.  The church is having a fun family commercial with a run away stagecoach, in Moab.  It was wonderful weather there, and the people were fun to get to know.  They have great meals, there right by the river.  They have the fun catered lunches.  I loved getting to know alot of the ladies doing hair and makeup and the costumes.  They and their daughters are teams working together.  We talked politic's and had some interesting visits with a neat lady that works doing stunts for Hollywood.  She is a lady that has helped a lot with search and rescues, and has that gift of helping people alot.  She has been the first to come across car accidents, and being involved with helping solve crimes.  Just that day she ended up helping a man that was maybe homeless, and had been right by the movie camp  for 2 days, in his truck, and ended up being very sick and spitting up blood,  she went to help him and used my watch to take his pulse, I think her and the medic we had, helped him and then he was taken by ambulance somewhere. 

This week, Kelly and I were at a location they were filming at the castle in Provo, they had a fireball, and this stunt guy jumping off the wall and down 20 ft and landing on a big huge mat, well, This local guy was dressed in a pirates outfit, and they took safety precautions, by having his clothes and hat and wig, face with lots of goop, fire retardant on him, and it was a good thing because he ended up being totally on fire as he jumped, it was so shocking and they ended up taking him to hospital, his face was burned alittle but he will be okay.  He mainly was protected and went home in just a few hours.  I got to see my friend again that is such a helper.
and she is right there at the right time.  Kelly was filming things on a work, video camera, and so we had to go back and forth and get a copy to the fire dept.  It made it a long evening, we got home about 9 p.m.
well, this has been very interesting, and fun being with my honey.  It reminds me of the days when Kelly first worked there on movies, he took me more then.  I am grateful to be included.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

See our Cruise ship out there yonder, and wow look at our sporting guys playing volleyball, on the sand, yes Kelly is not one of them, he was in a sling part of this trip for he was injured playing tennis, the first full day.

more carefree pictures

I think it is time to show some more cruise pictures, since we have not had much recreation this summer so far.  That is why we are looking forward to the family reunion in July with all the Peterson Clan.  

Monday, June 9, 2008

Please think of Darik sometimes

This is a favorite picture of mine with our son Darik and Amanda, this is the night they dropped us off at the airport to go on our cruise last february, this was Feb 1st 2008.  It was snowy which made me nervous and the planes had to be de Iced and the roads were just getting some but I was grateful to get word from them they were back home in bed safe before we had even gotten in the plane.  

We miss Darik He left for his journey onto the war about 3 weeks after this.  Please pray for his safety. 

Who is Kate?

You who know us, may wonder who is this cute girl named "Kate",  She is totally like one of the family, in so many ways, not to embarrass  her or Brady, but you should know she is Brady's girlfriend.  Yes Brady has a very cute girl in his life and she is fun and so helpful and very easy to get to know.  We enjoy her company so much, the little kids do too, so now they have Amanda and Kate they get so excited to play with.  It's so cute

  We are looking silly in those pictures but we are having alot of fun playing with Jason and Krisitn's new W!!.