Thursday, October 16, 2008

fun times hanging around movie locations

The last two weeks, I have had fun being with Kelly more with his work, We got to go to Moab for two days.  The church is having a fun family commercial with a run away stagecoach, in Moab.  It was wonderful weather there, and the people were fun to get to know.  They have great meals, there right by the river.  They have the fun catered lunches.  I loved getting to know alot of the ladies doing hair and makeup and the costumes.  They and their daughters are teams working together.  We talked politic's and had some interesting visits with a neat lady that works doing stunts for Hollywood.  She is a lady that has helped a lot with search and rescues, and has that gift of helping people alot.  She has been the first to come across car accidents, and being involved with helping solve crimes.  Just that day she ended up helping a man that was maybe homeless, and had been right by the movie camp  for 2 days, in his truck, and ended up being very sick and spitting up blood,  she went to help him and used my watch to take his pulse, I think her and the medic we had, helped him and then he was taken by ambulance somewhere. 

This week, Kelly and I were at a location they were filming at the castle in Provo, they had a fireball, and this stunt guy jumping off the wall and down 20 ft and landing on a big huge mat, well, This local guy was dressed in a pirates outfit, and they took safety precautions, by having his clothes and hat and wig, face with lots of goop, fire retardant on him, and it was a good thing because he ended up being totally on fire as he jumped, it was so shocking and they ended up taking him to hospital, his face was burned alittle but he will be okay.  He mainly was protected and went home in just a few hours.  I got to see my friend again that is such a helper.
and she is right there at the right time.  Kelly was filming things on a work, video camera, and so we had to go back and forth and get a copy to the fire dept.  It made it a long evening, we got home about 9 p.m.
well, this has been very interesting, and fun being with my honey.  It reminds me of the days when Kelly first worked there on movies, he took me more then.  I am grateful to be included.


Lynnette said...

How fun, Nan!!! That sounds just like something you would enjoy so much! I'm glad you got to go with him. I was in Moab last week, too! I really like that place, but I hear it isn't the best place to raise a family - I don't know why!

Lynnette said...

Crime level, I think. Bad influences or something like that. Hmmm

Chelsea said...

There are a lot of things I would like to experience in life, but one of them in definitely NOT to be on fire! Owee!
Halloween was so fun, you really made the party rock this year! I love you to pieces! (I love you in just one, unbroken piece as well too)

Dennis and Maridee said...

Hi Nan, I was looking at Daniel and Lynnette's blog and came across yours. Hope you don't mind me looking in. I enjoyed looking at all of your pictures and reading about your busy life. Love the cruise pictures. We are hoping to go on another cruise when my sister and brother in law get home from their temple mission in Nigeria. How is your family? Tell everyone hi. Love ya, Maridee