Friday, March 21, 2008

Our western Carribean cruise february 2008

This is my first attempt at blogging and I have some fun ones like Jason and Kristin's and others.  I love this whole idea.  I hope to make an attempt and like it.  

Kelly and I have really been so blessed to be able to go traveling a lot this past year.  We first went to the Eastern Carribbean last April.  We then for sure wanted this to be a yearly thing.  We then booked for this past February so we could go with most of Kelly's sibling's and his parents.  This was such an opportunity, so we decided to go and then came up with a plan where our three single kids and my mom and aunt and uncle could go too.   Last october of 2007 we went on another cruise to the mexican riveria from San Diego.    We normally would not have gone on so many in such a short time but to be able to go with my mom and Kelly's folks and especially our single kids may not be single (hopefully) much longer and so it worked out.  They paid their way.  We wish we could all go with Jason and Kristin along too, who knows someday.

This will be a fun way to show pictures and share our lives.  I will need to get more into picture taking myself.  We have such fun little grandchildren, Jason and Kristin's three.  Lydia and Luke and Lacey (the twins).  We will have to post some pictures of them all as soon as I learn more how to do this.  

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